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TextureMe: High-Quality Textured Scene Reconstruction in Real Time

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Kim, Jungeon; Kim, Hyomin; Nam, Hyeonseo; Park, Jaesik; Lee, Seungyong

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Association for Computing Machinary, Inc.
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol.41 No.3, pp.1-18
Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction using an RGB-D camera has been widely adopted for realistic content creation. However, high-quality texture mapping onto the reconstructed geometry is often treated as an offline step that should run after geometric reconstruction. In this article, we propose TextureMe, a novel approach that jointly recovers 3D surface geometry and high-quality texture in real time. The key idea is to create triangular texture patches that correspond to zero-crossing triangles of truncated signed distance function (TSDF) progressively in a global texture atlas. Our approach integrates color details into the texture patches in parallel with the depth map integration to a TSDF. It also actively updates a pool of texture patches to adapt TSDF changes and minimizes misalignment artifacts that occur due to camera drift and image distortion. Our global texture atlas representation is fully compatible with conventional texture mapping. As a result, our approach produces high-quality textures without utilizing additional texture map optimization, mesh parameterization, or heavy post-processing. High-quality scenes produced by our real-time approach are even comparable to the results from state-of-the-art methods that run offline.
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