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중국 지역에서의 한국산 스프레이 장미 구입 결정요인 분석 : An Analysis of Determinants for Korean Spray Rose Purchase in China

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김경필; 최종우; 김상효; 한정훈; 임승주

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농촌계획, Vol.23 No.3, pp.53-60
In order to export Korean spray roses to the China, it is needed to analyse chinese preferences, rose attributes, and purchase intentions. The purpose of this study is to present the implications on the production and distribution of roses for export by analyzing the quality preference attributes and purchase intention of Korean rose for Chinese flower experts. A survey on the preference and purchase intention of Korean flower roses by Chinese flower experts was conducted through face - to - face interviews with flower show participants in China. Approximately 100 Chinese flower experts who participated in the Flower Show in 2016 received the questionnaire, and 86 survey results could be used for analysis. Survey data were analyzed using ordered probit and bivariate probit models. As a result of an analysis, it was found that Chinese flower experts were more likely to buy Korean roses than Chinese roses even if they consider flower color, leaf shape and size and color diversity. The probability of purchasing more than twice the price was higher than that of the color diversity considering the flower shape, leaf shape and size, but the bivariate order probit model was larger than that of flowers, leaves and size, and the order of probability size was changed. In order to increase the export of Korean spray roses to the Chinese market, We need to increase Chinese experts preferences and satisfaction. For this purpose, it is very important to develop export varieties of roses with large flower buds and shape / coloring, and to apply the useful post-harvest technology that can extend freshness and distribution period of export roses.
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