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농업-기업 간 상생협력 구축 전략에 대한 연구: 유통협력형을 중심으로 : A Study on Win-Win Cooperation between Agriculture and Corporations: Focusing on Distribution Cooperation

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Park, Seong-Jin; Heo, Seong-Yoon; Choi, Jong-Woo

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유통과학연구, Vol.14 No.10, pp.137-146
Purpose - Korean agriculture is facing internal and external environmental changes and the need for secure stable outlets.
Active participation and mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises and agricultural is necessary for a win-win situation. This study investigates the case for distribution cooperation and a cooperative system. To respond to the diverse needs of consumers and market reclamation, there is a need to analyze and categorize distribution cooperation.
Research design, data, and methodology - A literature study, relevant interviews with enterprises, and meetings with local government practices were conducted. A survey frame was derived through the participation of agricultural enterprises and distribution cooperation models were categorized identifying win-win cooperation and best practices. It was organized on the basis of six best practice examples of distribution cooperation between industry and agricultural sectors, divided into three types: opening distribution channels, exporting cooperation, and developing new products.
Results - An innovation management system that can adapt to environmental changes and problems of agriculture is necessary. A company has to supply high-quality agricultural products reliably to meet the preferences of consumers by introducing products that promote domestic market differentiation. In addition, consumers are choosing a variety of products that may include not only high quality products but also local products and safe products. The main areas of cooperation are the direct provision of agrifood raw materials to consumers. Next, would be to help agricultural sectors distribute and pioneer international markets. The ideal step for distribution cooperation is the joint investment in new products by business and agriculture.
Conclusions - Agriculture and win-win cooperation with enterprises is in an early stage of social contribution. To implement a distribution cooperation model between business and agricultural sectors, it is crucial to establish a structured support system including joint councils. Additional requirements include strengthening agricultural capacities, creating a legal basis for provision, and producing a win-win cooperation environment. The promotion of win-win cooperation and agricultural enterprises needs to exist in various forms in order to establish a different type of incentive system.
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