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가공밥 상품개발을 위한 소비자 선호도 및시장수요 분석 : A Study on the Processed Rice Product Development through Analysis of Consumer Preference

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최종우; 허성윤; 박성진

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식품유통연구, Vol.33 No.3, pp.69-86
The consumer's needs for convenience and simplicity have brought many changes to food market as well. Moreover, structural changes in society including a larger number of single-person households, increased participation of women in economic activities, aging phenomenon, and the five-day work and school weeks have accelerated the changes in the food market, stirring up interest in food products that offer convenience and simplicity. This trend has consequently led to the creation of a new food market sector known as HMR(Home Meal Replacement). As HMR market continues to grow, a large number of studies on HMR have been made continuously. This study only focused on instant rice goods and conducted a survey of 680 instant rice consumers nationwide. The consumer choice in the instant rice has been analyzed to figure out what characteristics consumers mostly willing to pay. The menu, cooking methods, country of origin, and price were used for conjoint analysis. Futhermore, this study showed the market share for instant rice products. These information could give instant rice manufactures useful resources to promote the instant rice consumption and occupy more market shares.
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  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
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Research Area Agricultural Products, Choice Experiment, Consumer Preferences


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