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Interrater reliability of spectrogram for detecting wheezing in children

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Bae, Woori; Kim, Kyunghoon; Yoon, Jong-Seo

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Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Pediatrics International, Vol.64 No.1, p. e15003
Background Auscultation is an easy way to evaluate and diagnose patients with lung conditions but has the shortcoming of being subjective. Using the spectrogram, it is possible to visualize wheezing. We therefore conducted a study to compare the efficacy of diagnosing wheezing by auscultation versus diagnosing wheezing by spectrogram. Methods This was an investigation of interrater reliability and agreement in which the subject population consisted of children, and the rater population consisted of pediatric pulmonologists. We recorded 55 respiratory sound files from June to November 2019. Three pediatric pulmonologists listened to the respiratory sound files and assessed whether wheezing was present. All respiratory sound files were also converted into spectrograms; the same pulmonologists viewed these and assessed whether wheezing was present. We tested for interrater reliability and agreement between the auscultation results and spectrographic results and investigated the diagnostic reliability of auscultation versus spectrogram. Results Agreement among the three raters of our auscultation respiratory recordings was 88% and reliability was good (kappa = 0.76, P < 0.001). Agreement among the three raters of our spectrograms was 83% and reliability was good (kappa =0.66, P < 0.001). The level of agreement between each rater's spectrographic findings and diagnosed wheezing was 91%, 75%, and 93%, respectively. Reliability was accordingly very good, moderate, and very good (kappa = 0.82, 0.49, 0.85, P < 0.001), respectively. Conclusions A spectrogram may be a valuable tool for evaluating wheezing in children. It may also be used to improve a young clinician's ability to accurately diagnose wheezing in the future.
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