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Clinical outcomes of radical radiotherapy for pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma

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Lee, Choong-Won; Kim, Byoung Hyuck; Kim, Hak Jae

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Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
Radiation Oncology Journal, Vol.41 No.3, pp.163-171
Purpose: Pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma (PSC) is recognized for its aggressiveness and poor prognosis. The role of radical radiotherapy in PSC remains uncertain due to its scarcity and limited data. In the absence of an effective systemic agent, this study aims to explore the possibility of cure and to investigate potential prognostic factors and treatment outcomes. Materials and Methods: From January 2005 to December 2021, 149 PSC patients were identified. Among 62 patients who received radiotherapy for lung lesions, 25 who underwent palliative radiotherapy and 16 who underwent surgery were excluded. Results: The median patient age was 71 years. The majority were male, and 17 patients (81.0%) were diagnosed at an advanced stage. After radical radiotherapy, distant metastasis (47.6%) was the most common site of failure, while the local recurrence rate was quite low (9.5%). Eventually, five patients (26.3%) demonstrated either a partial response or complete remission, including three complete re-missions with durable responses. The median progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival were 4.6 months and 7.9 months, respectively. Univariate and multivariate analyses revealed that a tumor size >5 cm was associated with a worse prognosis (p = 0.045), while a radiation dose >58 GyEQD2 was significantly associated with better PFS (p = 0.038). Conclusion: This study demonstrates clinical outcomes after radical radiotherapy in managing PSC, suggesting tumor size and radiation dose could be a predictor of a systemic response. Given the known bad prognosis but complete remission could be achieved in certain subgroups, future research should explore the potential strategies using radical radiotherapy for this challenging patient population.
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