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Novel graded prognostic assessment for colorectal cancer patients with brain metastases

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Kim, Byoung Hyuck; Park, Hae Jin; Kim, Kyubo; Han, Sae-Won; Kim, Tae-You; Jeong, Seung-Yong; Park, Kyu Joo; Chie, Eui Kyu

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International Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol.23 No.6, pp.1112-1120
PurposeIt is important to take into account potential prognostic factors to select patients with brain metastasis from colorectal cancer (CRC) who will benefit from active neurosurgical treatment. Therefore, we experimentally investigated our single institutional data to develop a novel CRC-specific graded prognostic assessment (GPA) and to help clinicians determine the optimal management.Methods and materialsWe retrospectively reviewed the records of 107 patients with brain metastases from CRC who received any kind of treatment in our hospital and had sufficient clinical information.ResultsThe median overall survival was 5.2months, and the 1- and 2-year overall survival rates were 23.7 and 6.6%, respectively. Multivariate analysis revealed that the number of brain metastases6, presence of neurologic symptoms, and elevated serum carcinoembryonic antigen (30ng/ml) were the independent prognostic factors for poor overall survival, while performance status was not. Based on this, we developed the CRC-specific GPA index and stratified patients into three categories. The median overall survival for patients with GPA scores of 0-0.5, 1.0-1.5, and 2.0-2.5 was 2.3, 4.3, and 12.7months, respectively (p<0.001). Surgery or stereotactic radiosurgerywhole-brain radiotherapy showed a better survival than palliative whole-brain radiotherapy alone in patients with high GPA scores.Conclusions We developed a novel CRC-specific GPA index, which could help physicians to stratify patients with brain metastases. Further efforts are needed to validate and improve this index.
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