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Volatility of Springtime ambient organic aerosol derived with thermodenuder aerosol mass spectrometry in Seoul, Korea

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Kang, Hyun Gu; Kim, Youngjin; Collier, Sonya; Zhang, Qi; Kim, Hwajin

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Pergamon Press Ltd.
Environmental Pollution, Vol.304, p. 119203
© 2022 The AuthorsThe volatilities of ambient organic aerosol (OA) components are important to forecasting OA formation with models. However, providing the OA volatility distribution inputs for models is challenging, and models often rely on measurements from chamber experiments. We measured the volatility of submicron ambient OA in Seoul during May/June of 2019 by connecting a thermodenuder to an Aerodyne Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS). We calculated a volatility basis set (VBS) of the organic aerosol with a thermodenuder mass transfer model and data from the thermodenuder set to various temperatures (30–200 °C). We found a large discrepancy between the measured ambient VBS and a reference VBS used in air quality models, with the ambient organics being less volatile. The results suggest that a modeling study that tries to account for this discrepancy may be needed to identify the impact it has on modeling outcomes. Chamber experiments aiming to determine VBSs for specific chemical systems should address limitations caused by wall losses and incomplete modeling parameters.
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Research Area Aerosol Health Effect, Atmospheric chemistry monitoring and modeling, Chemistry and life cycles of aerosol, 대기화학 모니터링 및 모델링, 대기환경 오염원 및 특성 규명


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