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Discovery and Characterization of Polymyxin-Resistance Genes pmrE and pmrF from Sediment and Seawater Microbiome

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Joo, Hwanjin; Eom, Hyunuk; Cho, Youna; Rho, Mina; Song, Woon Ju

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American Society for Microbiology
Microbiology spectrum, Vol.11 No.1
Polymyxins are the last-line antibiotics used to treat Gram-negative pathogens. Thus, the discovery and biochemical characterization of the resistance genes against polymyxins are urgently needed for diagnosis, treatment, and novel antibiotic design. Herein, we report novel polymyxin-resistance genes identified from sediment and seawater microbiome. Despite their low sequence identity against the known pmrE and pmrF, they show in vitro activities in UDP-glucose oxidation and L-Ara4N transfer to undecaprenyl phosphate, respectively, which occur as the part of lipid A modification that leads to polymyxin resistance. The expression of pmrE and pmrF also showed substantially high MICs in the presence of vanadate ions, indicating that they constitute polymyxin resistomes. IMPORTANCE Polymyxins are one of the last-resort antibiotics. Polymyxin resistance is a severe threat to combat multidrug-resistant pathogens. Thus, up-to-date identification and understanding of the related genes are crucial. Herein, we performed structure-guided sequence and activity analysis of five putative polymyxin-resistant metagenomes. Despite relatively low sequence identity to the previously reported polymyxin-resistance genes, at least four out of five discovered genes show reactivity essential for lipid A modification and polymyxin resistance, constituting antibiotic resistomes.
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