주자의 윤회설 비판과 귀신론 : Zhu Xis Refutation of the Buddhist Doctrine of Transmigration

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서울대학교 인문대학 인문학연구원
인문논총, Vol.49, pp. 3-42
Zhu Xi thoughts that one must understand moral principles clearly and completely himself so he can have a fixed viewpoint. Only then will he not be moved by Buddhism.
As ordinary people are deluded by the doctrine of sins and blessings in the cycles of life and death, they either fear that after death they will receive all kinds of sufferings from officials of Hades or pray to be reborn in the world. For this reason they may readily do charity, perform religious ceremonies for merit, and work to improve their karma from one life to another. Or else they hope that in their next life they will be born good people and that they will not be born among the impoverished or animals. The Buddhists propagate this doctrine to deceive people and ignorant folks have all been deluded by them.
Zhu Xi thoughts that the Buddhist doctrine of transmigration is definitely absurd. When the Buddhists say that the material force in the past can return through transmigration to produce human beings and other creatures, they are not in accord with the principle of creation.
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