『도마복음서』에 나타난 영지주의 -'몸'을 통해본 이원론을 중심으로

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서울대학교 인문대학 인문학연구원
인문논총, Vol.54, pp. 131-161
도마복음서영지주의옥쉬륀쿠스 파피루스동방 시리아 그리스도교유다 도마
Wisdom called Gnosis is the theme of [Gospel of Thomas]. Wisdom sayings
express the truth about God and the human nature. They speak about humans
and their proper relation with the world in which they dwell. Wisdom sayings
in [Gospel of Thomas], like other Jewish, Christian, and Greek literature of
wisdom, contains sayings that reveal what is fundamental about humans and the
Thomas, the compiler of this sayings, reinforced authenticity of his sayings
authenticity by claiming that he is the twin brother of Jesus. Thomas
brotherhood with Jesus survived only in Eastern Syrian Church. It is most likely
to have been borne and preserved in the Syriac/Aramaic-speaking milieu where
Thomas came to be understood not twin in the literal sense, but as a proper
One of the prominent theological features which is distinctive in [Gospel of
Thomas] is dualism. Dualism itself is hard to define, but it is common to
characterize [Gospel of Thomas] as radically dualistic.
Thomass description of dualism in body and garment language in his saying. It is clear in [Gospel of Thomas] that the body is understood to be
something inferior when compared to the inner spiritual self. However,
Thomass dualism is not radical dualism in his description of the bodily reality.
Scholars tend to interpret the sayings about stripping the garment in relation
with baptism, rite de passage. [Gospel of Thomas] not only lacks direct
references to baptism, but also contains several anti-ritual saying. The personal
identity through gnosis is not so much group-oriented but based on the internal
true self.
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