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報償公正性 認識이 職務態度 및 行爲에 미치는 영향

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李道和; 姜仁中

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.09, pp. 25-53
This study aims (1) to examine the relationship between perceived equity based on specific referents and job attitudes and performance. and (2) to examine the relative impact of pay and promotion equity perceptions on job attitudes and performance. The hypothesis tested in this study is as follows: Pay and promotion equity perceptions will be positively associated with job satisfaction. organizational commitment. organizational citizenship behavior. and will be negatively associated with turnover intention. And the research questions examined in this study include: (1) Are pay and promotion equity perceptions associated with job performance? (2) Which equity perception of the two has greater influence on job attitudes and performance? In order to test above hypotheses and research questions, questionnaire survey was conducted for 500 workers in 11 different companies. The results of multiple regression analyses reveal that pay and promotion equity perceptions are significantly and positively related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. and negatively related to turnover intention as hypothesized. In the case of organizational citizenship behavior. the effect of pay equity was not found, while there was some effect of promotion equity perceptions. In the case of job performance, the effects of pay and promotion equity were not found. Finally, the results of usefulness analyses reveal that promotion equity perception has greater influence on job attitudes and performance than pay equity perceptions. The implications and limitations of this study and future research suggestion are discussed in the conclusion.
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