解雇에 대한 殘留從業員의 公正性知覺과 職務態度

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.10, pp. 343-365
This study is to examine how survivors' job attitude and job behavior change in the companies executing layoff. Survivors behavior change after layoff is very important factors on the performance of a company. This study is designed to find the following major objectives.

1. To examine how justice perception of survivors concerning layoff (procedural justice and distributive justice)affect survivors changes in the job satisfaction. organizational commitment. and negative job behavior.

2. To find the moderating effects of the task-oriented style of leaders. To achieve these two purposes. 12 hypotheses were set up and the empirical study was conducted to prove these hypotheses. The findings and implications of this study are as follows.

1. In case of the survivors perception of procedural and distributive justice is very high. then survivors job satisfaction and organizational commitment are significantly increased and negative job behavior is significantly decreased.

2. Significant positive moderating effects of leader s task-oriented style were found first on procedural justice perception and job satisfaction Second, the positive moderating effects were found on the procedural justice perception & distributive justice perception and organizational commitment. Third , it were found on the procedural justice perception and negative job behavior.

3. The implications of this study are as follows To improve performance of the survivors after layoff. first , personnel managers should design the layoff program very fairly , on the procedure and distribution of layoff, and second , personnel managers consider the survivors uneasiness and role ambiguity after layoff.
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