韓國企業의 人事管理 變遷과 發展方向

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.11, pp. 315-333
The purpose of this study is to suggest a direction for the development of human resource management on the basis of case studies of Korean enterprises. In order to elicit the characteristics and problems of human resource management. I elaborated on the transition of personnel management policies in accordance of time sequences of three phases: (l) the period of economic development startup during 1950s and 1960s. (2) the period of high economic growth during 1970s and 1980s. and (3) the period of low economic growth in the 1990s. It is found out that there still remains inefficient management of human resources even though many enterprises are introducing new systems and techniques in order to adapt themselves to the environmental changes of business management. A new paradigm is required for the sustainable development of the enterprises. Notwithstanding. there might be some danger if the enterprises would follow blindly the systems and practices of other enterprises in developed countries. Accordingly. they must set their own personnel management model that is appropriate for the Korean situation and that is conducive for the enhancement of productivity and competitiveness. Human resource management should be developed as follows:

1. Transition from human-oriented personnel management to job-oriented and capability-oriented one

2. Transition from uniform and collective personnel management to selective and individual one

3. Transition from the personnel management for manpower utilization to that of human resource development

4. Transition from the personnel management by personnel managers to the personnel management by workplace managers

5. Transition from equality-oriented personnel management to equity-oriented one

6. Transition from unilateral personnel management to participatory one
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