한국의 회계기준에 대한 국제회계기준의 영향과 평가
The Impact and Evaluation of International Accounting Standards on Korean Accounting Standards

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남상오; 김태윤
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서울대학교 경영대학 경영연구소
경영논집, Vol.41 No.1/4, pp. 20-45
International Accounting StandardsIASIFRSsKorean Accounting StandardsKorean GAAP
The purpose of this study is to deal with two things: first, exploring the impact of

International Accounting Standards (IAS or IFRSs) on the revision and change of

Korean Accounting Standards and second, evaluating this impact in the era of fully

adopting International Accounting Standards as the Korean GAAP. Our result is that

International Accounting Standards have made very great influence on the revision and

change of Korean Accounting Standards since the Korean financial crisis of 1997.

We evaluate separately the advantages and the disadvantages in the influence of

International Accounting Standards on Korean Accounting Standards. The advantages

are as follows: Firstly, this improves the international recognition of Korean

Accounting practices as well as our recognition. Secondly, Global firms of Korea can

reduce cost in relation to making their financial statements because these firms do not

have to make financial statements twice. Thirdly, we can reduce short-term expenses

of making accounting standards. The disadvantages are as follows: Firstly, we may

endure negative effects on the usefulness of accounting information when International

Accounting Standards neglect the inherent characteristics of Korean situation.

Secondly, the full adoption of new accounting principles would mean immediate extra

costs and more burdens to us. Thirdly, we would lose our right to make our own accounting principles in the era of International Accounting Standards, so we worry

about a problem of the accounting sovereignty. And lastly, we will have more

expenses of making accounting standards in the long run.

The conclusion is that we should make a careful plan realistically to maximize our

interests in the rapidly changing circumstances. We think this will be essential because

the current general situation of the full adoption of International Accounting Standards

cannot be changed.
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