Ceromer (Targis)에 의한 법랑질 마모에 관한 연구 : AN IN-VITRO WEAR STUDY OF CEROMER AND HUMAN ENAMEL

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Kim, Jeong-Min; Lee, Sun-Hyung; Yang, Jae-Ho

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대한치과보철학회지 2000:38(4):438-45
wearSurface hardnessCeromer
The ideal restorative material should mimic the properties of the tissues it replaces. Dental composite resins have been used widely as restorative materials due to its advantages such as excellent esthetics and ease of manipulation. But inadequate wear resistance has been a major factor limiting the use of composite restorative materials. Improved manufacturing techniques have allowed the development of hybrid composites, with a greater percentage volume filler loading, which have improved physical and mechanical properties. However they are lacking in the study of wear resistance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the wear of human enamel against ceromer by the use of a pin-on-disk type wear testers. Discs of ceromer(Targis ; lvoclar Vivadent, Amherst. NY) and discs of type III gold alloy as a control were used f9r test specimens. Intact cusp of premolar and molar were used for enamel specimens. The wear of enamel was determined by weigh-ing the cusp before and after each test, and the weight converted to volumes by average densi-ty of enamel. Surface profilometer was used to quantify wear of the ceromer and gold specimens. Vicker's hardness tester was used to evaluate the surface hardness of test specimens. The SEM was used to evaluate the wear surfaces The results were as follows; 1. Ceromer produced less enamel wear than gold(p<0.05) 2. The wear volume of ceromer was greater than that of gold(p<0.01) 3. The hardess of ceromer was lower than that of gold, but there was no correlation between the hardness and wear of the ceromer and gold. 4. SEM analysis revealed that there were many voids and microcracks in the wear tract of ceromer In gold group, many minute V-shaped grooves were examined.
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