국내 치과의사의 근골격계질환 실태 조사 : Survey of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Korean Dentists

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차주형; 유태범; 최화순; 이재봉; 김명기; 정민근; 정철현

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대한인간공학회 = Ergonomics society of Korea
Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea, 26(2), 137-147
Musculoskeletal disordersDentistsBody troublesPhysical workloadWork-related causes
Dentists are known to be highly exposed to the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The present study investigated the prevalence of MSD among Korean dentists and association between their MSD and physical workload. In addition, work-related causes of high physical workload were identified and needs of dentists were collected for improvement of dental instrument and environment. Four types of questionnaires including the Nordic questionnaire were used to investigate body troubles, physical workload, causes of physical workload, and improvement priority of dental components. A total of 104 dentists in Seoul were participated in the survey. Neck trouble (82%) was the most prevalent in the participated dentists and shoulder (68%) and low back trouble (56%) followed, while low back trouble was reported to be most common in previous western studies. The body troubles were related to the physical workload of the corresponding body parts, although they were not associated with personal characteristics. Most dentists selected 'to keep direct view inside patient's mouth' and 'no support of the hand with dental instruments' as causes of awkward and strenuous work postures. They wanted design improvement for some components in their operating room such as operating light and arrangement of workplace.
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