Diagnostic accuracy of T and N stages with endoscopy, stomach protocol CT, and endoscopic ultrasonography in early gastric cancer

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Ahn, Hye Seong; Lee, Hyuk-Joon; Yoo, Moon-Won; Kim, Sang Gyun; Im, Jong Pil; Kim, Se Hyung; Kim, Woo Ho; Lee, Kuhn Uk; Yang, Han-Kwang

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J Surg Oncol 2009;99:20-27
early gastric cancerdiagnostic accuracylimited treatmentendoscopyendoscopic ultrasonographycomputed tomography
BACKGROUND: Preoperative accurate diagnosis of the T and N stages in early gastric cancer (EGC) is important in determining the application of various limited treatments. The aim of this study is to analyze the accuracy of T and N staging of EGC with esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), Stomach protocol CT (S-CT), and endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS), and the factors influencing the accuracy. METHODS: Four hundred and thirty-four patients preoperatively diagnosed as EGC using EGD or S-CT and undergoing curative gastrectomy at Seoul National University Hospital in 2005 were included. The T and N stage reviewed by experienced personnel were compared with the surgical pathology. RESULTS: The predictive values for EGC of EGD, S-CT, and EUS were 87.4%, 92.2%, and 94.1%, respectively. The predictive values for node negativity of S-CT, and EUS were 90.1% and 92.6%, respectively. The factors leading to underestimation of T stage with EGD were the upper third location, the size greater than 2 cm, and diffuse type of tumor. Those with S-CT were female sex, the upper third location and lesion size greater than 2 cm. CONCLUSIONS: Before applying limited treatment for EGC, a surgeon should consider the risk factors of underestimation of T stage with EGD or S-CT.
1096-9098 (online)
0022-4790 (print)
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