기업문화와 경영제도의 연계모형 - 한국형 경영방식의 개발을 위한 논거 -
Linkage Model for Corporate Culture and Business System - Development of Korean Management Style -

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서울대학교 경영연구소
경영논집, Vol.35 No.4, pp. 137-211
UniversarismParticularismCulture-System Linking ModelWe-I Corporate CultureKorean Management Style
The purpose of this paper will be development of Korean management approach to deal with issues concerning overcoming the current situation faced by Korean firms and managing changes in business environment.

First, in todays society in order for Korean firms to be accepted globally, many have pointed

out that Korean firms need to operate using economic efficiency approach. However, corporate

management styles are affected by the societal culture and environment in which the

firms operate; particularly, features of the traditional culture has large effect on the management style. Therefore, depending on the country the firm is operating in, there could be

many different management styles. In order to develop Korean management approach we

need to find a different alternative from these opposing views.

Second, there have been two viewpoints on how to change and develop a national management

style. One is universal erspective based on economic efficiency approach and the other

is particular perspective emphasizing traditional culture approach. Universalism focuses on

institutional aspect, whereas particularism focuses on culture.

Third, since choosing either institutionalism or culturism creates a number of problems, I will integrate both views. Incongruence between the corporate culture and institution, the

two components of corporate management system, would not result in high productivity;

thus both need to be balanced to create highly productive peration. We will refer to the

integrative perspective as culture-system linking model.
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