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A Study on Corporate Income Tax Smoothing

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박찬웅; 최종학
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서울대학교 경영연구소
경영논집, Vol.36 No.2/3, pp. 323-340
This study constructs a stylized corporate income tax smoothing model in a gametheoretic

tax compliance model setting. Many prior studies have given empirical evidence

that there exists income tax smoothing as a prevailing corporate behavior in Korea. However,

these studies do not provide theoretical explanation about the smoothing phenomenon. The

purpose of this study is to investigate analytically the effect of corporate income tax

smoothing behavior on the tax agencys audit probability and its detection probability that

additional taxes are collected.

The main results from this study are as follows: (1) The tax agencys audit probability is

higher for a conforming report that a firm uses reserves as a means of income tax smoothing

in order to minimize his tax liability in both of the two consecutive periods than audit

probability for a non-conforming report that a firm uses reserves in only one period. (2) The

probability detecting understatements of tax liability conditional on being selected for audit is

the same in both the conforming and non-conforming report.
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