EC농업의 현황과 공동농업정책(CAP)의 흐름 : EC Agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.01 No.1, pp. 141-168
This paper introduces the current situation of EC agriculture by summarizing agricultural characteristics such as agricultural structure, demand for and supply of agricultural products, and agricultural trade. A related objective of the paper includes reviewing the history of the Common Agricultural Policy(CAP) which has been influencing the EC agriculture substantially.

It is widely accepted that the CAP, based on the price support policy, has been very successful in achieving a system of stable supply of basic foods and in establishing a sound agricultural infrastructure. Nevertheless, there are remaining problems such as a more equitable development of agriculture in terms of countries, regions, and farms. A transformation of the direction of the CAP is discussed since there is a tight budget by the accumulation of surplus storage of agricultural products and an international pressure on its highly protective agricultural policy.

This paper is organized as follows: First, the formation procedure and contents of the CAP are introduced; second, the performance and emerging problems of the CAP are summarized; third, the movements toward reforming the CAP are reviewed. In addition, some implications are drawn from the experience of EC agriculture on the Korean agricultural policy, which is being reshaped.
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