미국의 신보수주의 - 문화의 정치와 뉴스대중주의 : American Neo-conservative Politics and News Populism

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.02 No.1, pp. 157-194
The purpose of this paper is to examine what roles American media have played in the formative process of neo-conservative hegemony since the 1970"s. The study focused upon the ideological mobilization by the neo-conservative intellectuals and media journalists during the period of Reagan government.

The study proposed the concept of "news populism" as a mediating mechanism between the neo-conservative intellectuals and bureaucrats and the ordinary people. Employing this concept, the study argued that American media have set neo-conservative agenda and political mood among American masses, even though American people have support the New-Deal coalition and policies.

According to several opinion polls since the 1960"s, American people have supported the increase of government expenditure for welfare program and the continuing regulation of business sectors. American mass media, however, neither have paid attention to nor reflected such consistent support to the "new-deal" policy. They tended to bolster the right-turning mood among neo-conservative intelectuals and institutional activities such as AEI, Hoover Institute and etc.

They also reinforced American patriotism like America is coming back through current affairs as well as news programs. These tendencies of news populism have played a crucial role in the formation of neo-conservative politics in the United States
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