Effects of the acetone content of single solution dentin bonding agents on the adhesive layer thickness and the microtensile bond strength

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Cho, Byeong-Hoon; Dickens, Sabine H

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DENTAL MATERIALS 2004;20:107-115.
Acetone concentrationAdhesive layer thicknessMicrotensile bond strengthSingle solution dentin bonding agentsCrack formationFailure mode
Objectives. This study investigated the hypothesis that varying the acetone
content of single solution dentin bonding agents may affect the adhesive layer
thickness and microtensile bond strength (MTBS) of the bonded complex, and explored
whether the adhesive layer thickness is a valid predictor for MTBS.
Methods. Experimental dentin bonding agents containing (27, 37, 47, 57, or 67) mass
fraction% acetone were used to bond composite resin onto occlusal dentin surfaces of
extracted human molars. The adhesive layer thickness was determined by digitized
image analysis. MTBS was measured after 48 h. The fracture surfaces were observed
using SEM.
Results. With increasing acetone content, MTBS varied from 38 MPa (67% acetone) to
the highest MTBS of 64 MPa (37% acetone), while the adhesive layer thickness
decreased linearly. Both dependent variables demonstrated moderate inverse
correlation with the acetone content ðp , 0:0001Þ; but were not correlated with
each other ðp . 0:05Þ: Ninety-four percent of the specimens showed fractures within
the adhesive layer extending toward the interfaces with the hybrid layer or the
composite resin. In the groups containing 57 and 67% acetone, cracks were observed at
these interfaces.
Significance. Rather than the adhesive layer thickness, interfacial cracks in
specimens with acetone-rich bonding agents may have caused lower MTBS. Within
the scope of this investigation, lower acetone concentrations, as could be anticipated
from solvent evaporation during clinical use of the bonding agent, did not seem to
lower MTBS, but rather improved the integrity of the dentin/adhesive bond.
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