터어키 여성의 지위 -사회제도적 측면 : Women's Status in Rural Area of Turkey

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.03 No.1, pp. 119-143
The aim of this study is to create a better understanding and extend political, economical and cultural relationships between Korea and Turkey.

Theoretically in the world population the numbers of women are similar to those of men. But almost all the social researches show that womens problems have been ignored. So this article especially deals with women"s status in Turkey.

The population of Turkey is 57 million. 41% of this population(23,370,000) have been living in rural areas. More than half of the population of Istanbul(8 millions), Ankara (3 millions) and Izmir(2 millions) have been living extremely poor lives in shack houses in slum areas. If the population of the rural areas is added to that of the slum areas it makes much more than half of the general population of Turkey. That is to say, if we are talking about the status of Turkish women, first of all we have to be concerned with the women in rural areas. To know the real aspect of Turkish women, its necessary to investigate women of rural areas than those of modernized urban areas. In fact, there are no similarities between them.

We can say that the womens status have two faces in Turkey. Women living in urban areas generally have a modern life style like the European women but Every action of women living in rural areas is firstly under the control of men, and secondly of their own small community.
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