EC내의 지역간 경제격차에 관한 연구
A study on the Regional Economic Disparity in the European Community

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심상필; 황두현
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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.03 No.2, pp. 135-175
European Community(EC) has 12 member countries with different economic size and potential, which are now coping with the problem of economic disparity both within and between the countries.

In order to make a unified economic system, therefore, it has been necessary for EC to overcome the regional economic disparities.

This study tries to analyze EC"s goal, means and the process of it"s effort to decrease those disparities. In this paper, firstly, we illuminate the discrepancies among the countries and regions in EC by using macro indicators. Then we define the regional policy and clarify the agents of the regional policy of EC.

We also analyze the means of the regional policy, especially highlighting the role of "the structual fund", which is considered to be a very important means of the regional policy.

Finally, we trace the development of the regional policy and enumerate the new project of the policy to be implemented in the future.

Considering the diverse historical backgrounds of European Countries, unifying Europe into one country is a great risk, even though the countries have some common backgrounds.

So in the trend of globalization of the world today, the process and the policy of unification attracts our attention. And, especially the outcome of the experiment of EC"s regional policy could be a touchstone and a good reference for us.
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