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아프리카 경제통합운동의 현황과 전망 - 지역적 국제기구의 역할과 활동을 중심으로 : Achivements, Problems and Prospects of African Regional Economic Integration Movement

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.04 No.2, pp. 79-116
After independence, African States entered into a number of international conventions and arrangements inter se. The problem of assessing the value of existing arrangnements for economic integration in Africa is difficult. This article examines, first of all, achivements and problems of existing African regional economic integration movement by division of Africa into five (5) regions namely North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa and southern Africa. And we found out that:

I) certain States play key role in the formation of each movement.

2) even though the trend towards economic integration is common today on the African scene, the record of African regional integration has not been outstandingly successful.

3) the polarisation of movements in the same region seems to create negative effects.

Secondly, this article tries to foresee the prospect of new African Economic Community(AEC) established in 1991 by OAU. And we found out its principalcharacteristics:

1) The Community shall be established gradually in order to increase economic self-reliance and promote and endogenous and self-sustained development of Africa.

2) The Community shall be established in six (6) stages following the time-table and justify a larger and fuller economic integration of Africa in future.

In the part of General Conclusion, we consider what are reasons for the negative experience with regional cooperation in Africa and what is realistically suggested for the potential contribution of regional cooperation to overcoming the African crisis. And those are: set out the proper strategy for regional economic integration planning; involve any workable integration programme; emphasises the need to promote a fair and equitable distribution of benefits, etc. No doubt the really crucial factors in the progress of integration are the political will to integrate and a willingness to compromise
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