일본관광 명소와 자원의 변천 - 변화하는 사회적 욕구와 만들어지는 명소 : The famous tourist attractions and resources and changes of the tourist resources in Japan -The tourist places being invented as a response to changes of social desire

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.06 No.1, pp. 143-162
In Japanese tourism, the famous places in tradition are mainly a religious facilities such as Shin to shrine and Buddist temples. But it would not be an exaggeration to say that the traditional tourist attractions are mostly its natural environmonts. The Japanes traditional tourist attractions are still considered today as important tourist places.

On the other hand, the famous places are not fixed, but also can be invented, The new life styles and new social desires request new tourist places. In fact, in the 20th century, new tourist places are invented and the invented tourist places are generalized. Even more, it seems to becomes more important with time. If the invention of new tourist attractions is a response to a change of social desire, the study about the important tourist attractions of Japan will give us an insight into not only the nature of Japanese tourism, but also an important changes the entire Japanese society goes through.

The most important fact in the study of the resources of tourism and tourist attractions is what the tourism can offer as an information industry. Japan, since the middle of Edo period, has published various kinds tourist guide books which furnished information on tourist attractions all across the country. In this sense, the tourism has a particular importance, not only as a simple service industry, but also a s an information and cultural industry.

In the article, I researched about the three following aspects of what is mentioned above.

1) traditional toruist attractions and modern tourist resources of Japan.

2) the famous places under the project of Japanese inventions.

3) tourism as an information and cultural enterprise.

In the first chapter, I examined the famous places of the religious tourism which constitues the basics of traditional tourist attractions and the process of how the tourist attractions are invented and becomes famous, which is rooted in the Monomiyuzan tradition.

In the second chapter, I studies about the effects the social changes had on the tourism since the Second World War, particularly after the 80"s. As a result, new places appeared as a famous tourist attraction, which. I also mentioned in the same chapter. In the last third chapter I presented research about the nature of information and cultural enterprise that as a new industry tourism has under the not spot light as a new industry from a community level to the nationwide.
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