Effects of implant geometry and surface treatment on osseeointegration after functional loading: a dog study

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Heo, S.J; Chung, S.H; Koak, J.Y; Kim, S.K; Lee, J. B; Han, J. S; Han, C. H; Rhyu, I. C; Lee, S. J

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Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2008;35:229–236
The purpose of this study was to evaluate
the geometry and surface characteristics of osseointegration
after functional loading by radiographic,
periodontal and histomorphometric analyses. We
analysed three groups of implants with different
geometry and surface characteristics using experimental
dogs. The control group received Bra°nemark
implants (group 1). Group 2 and group 3 implants
each had a 0Æ5-mm pitch height but differed in
surface characteristics. Group 2 implants were
machine surfaced and group 3 implants were thermally
oxidized at 800 C for 2 h in a pure oxygen
atmosphere. For these experiments, which used a
total of four healthy beagle dogs, the implants were
randomly installed into the extracted first, second
and third premolar positions. The animals received
radiographic and clinical periodontal examinations at 6 and 12 months post-loading, and were then
killed for histomorphometric analysis. The radiographic
analysis showed that mean crestal bone
resorption in the control group was greater than
that observed in the experimental groups (P < 0Æ05).
The percentage of bone-to-implant contact for
group 3 (83Æ7%) was significantly higher than in
groups 1 (74Æ4%) and 2 (75Æ0%) (P < 0Æ05). Overall,
implant geometry and surface treatment affected
the rate of crestal bone resorption and bone healing
surrounding the dental implants.
KEYWORDS: implant geometry, surface treatment,
thermal oxidation, radiographic analysis, periodontal
analysis, histomorphometric analysis
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