리포터유전자를 이용한 조골세포 분화정도에 관한 연구 : A study on the osteoblast differentiation using osteocalcin gene promoter controlling luciferase expression

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김경화; 박윤정; 이용무; 한중석; 이동수; 이승진; 정종평; 설양조

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대한치주과학회지. 2006;36:839-847.
osteocalcin promoter0G2bone differentiationluciferaseosteoblast
The aim of this study is to monitor reporter gene expression under osteocalcin gene promoter, using a real-time molecular imaging system, as tool to investigate osteoblast differentiation. The promoter region of mouse osteocalcin gene 2 (mOG2), the best-characterized osteoblast-specific gene, was inserted in promoterless luciferase reporter vector. Expression of reporter gene was confirmed and relationship between the reporter gene expression and osteoblastic differentiation was evaluated. Gene expression according to osteoblstic differentiation on biomaterials, utilizing a real-time molecular imaging system, was monitored. Luciferase was expressed at the only cells transduced with pGL4/mOGP and the level of expression was statistically higher at cells cultured in mineralization medium than cells in growth medium. CCCD camera detected the luciferase expression and was visible differentiation-dependent intensity of luminescence. The cells produced osteocalcin with time-dependent increment in BMP-2 treated cells and there was difference between BMP-2 treated cells and untreated cells at 14days. There was difference at the level of luciferase expression under pGL4/mOGP between BMP-2 treated cells and untreated cells at 3days. CCCD camera detected the luciferase expression at cells transduced with pGL4/mOGP on Ti disc and was visible differentiation-dependent intensity of luminescence This study shows that 1) expression of luciferase is regulated by the mouse OC promoter, 2) the CCCD detection system is a reliable quantitative gene detection tool for the osteoblast differentiation, 3) the dynamics of mouse OC promoter regulation during osteoblast differentiation is achieved in real time and quantitatively on biomaterial. The present system is a very reliable system for monitoring of osteoblast differentiation in real time and may be used for monitoring the effects of growth factors, drug, cytokines and biomaterials on osteoblast differentiation in animal.
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