구개점막과 협점막의 절개에 사용되는 칼의 개선을 위한 기초 연구 : A study for improving the surgical mess using palatal and buccal mucosal incisions in oral and maxillofacial area

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서병무; 최진영; 이종호; 김명진; 정필훈

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대한구순구개열학회지 4(1):1-11
Disposable blade is widely used for palatal and oral mucosal incision in oral and maxillofadal surgery nowadays, But its design and durability need for improvement, Especially, there are so many hard tissues intraoral area, such as bone and tooth, therefor the sharpness of the surgical blade was easily destroyed, The purpose of this study was to make basic data for developing new design of surgical blade using in oral and maxillofacial area including for the patients who have cleft lip and palate deformities, Some questionnaires about the usefulness of currently used surgical blades were sent to 150 dentists, the 54 of them made a reply, Secondly, The used-once blade and fresh new blade were examined under the scanning electron microscope with the 4000-times magnification, Lastly, the tissue reaction following the surgical incision with a fresh-new and a used blade on rat buccal cheek mucosa and hard palate was evaluated with light microscope with hematoxilin-eosin staining, The time interval from the surgical trauma to taking a sample were 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 14 days, At each time schedule, 2 Sprague-Dawley rats were sacrificed, Many dentists were agreed to need for changing the design of the surgical blades and also demand to improve the durability of the blades, They were also eager to adopt the new design of blade if it was available, The blade used in surgical extraction procedure was heavily damaged in its sharpe edge of number 15 blade, The histological differences were not prominent, but the delayed healing was detected in buccal mucosal defects especially in the surgical group with used blade, There are slight different changes in hard palatal defects between a used and a new blade group, In this study, we could find that there are imperative demanding on improvement of surgical blade design and durability for oral and maxillofadal area, The blade currently using in surgical extraction was easily damaged, The animal model of this study was not perfect for the purpose of this study.
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