이소 맹출한 하악 측절치의 교정적 치험례

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임현화; 김용수; 장기택; 김종철

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대한소아치과학회지 27:438-443, 2000.
Ectopic eruptionTranspositionOrthodontic intervention
Ectopic eruption should be understood as a change in the course of the normal eruption path of a dental bud at any moment its origin. An example of this alteration is the dental transposition, a rare and more specific dental anomaly that may be defined as a change of position between two teeth. This case shows ectopic eruption of transposed mandibular lateral incisor beneath primary first molar at the first transitional period of the mixed dentition The crown of the lateral incisor has tipped distally, compelling root resorption and exfoliation of the adjacent primary cuspid and primary first molar. The reason for such eruption is not clearly understood, but it may involve; (1)trauma history, (2)prolonged retention of the deciduous teeth, (3)premature exfoliation of the deciduous teeth, and (4)genetic factor. Treatment is divided into interceptive and definitive treatment. Ectopically erupting mandibular incisor tends to become transposed with the adjacent cuspid and thus seems to warrant early orthodontic intervention. Early treatment may obviate later extraction or transposition of the incisor and canine in the permanent dentition. Timing is an important factor to be considered regarding in the correction of the lateral incisor transposition. This case advocates treatment with an active orthodontic therapy at the early stage of the mixed dentiton, before the eruption of the permanent cuspid.
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