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구영; 김정은; 한수부; 정종평; 박윤정; 이승진; 권영혁

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대한치주과학회지 1997 : 27 : 61-78.
guided tissue regenerationmembranesartificialpolyglycolic acid/therapeutic usepolylactic acid/therapeutic usePDGF-BB
PDGF-BB has been recognized as a highly potential growth factor for guided tissue regeneration in periodontal defect. This study carried out histologic and histometric evaluation of PDGF-BB loaded bioresorbable membrane made from polyglycolic and polylactic acid. It was tested for its biocompatibility, ability to prevent epithelial downgrowth and amount of periodontal regeneration. Without membrane and PDGF-BB unloaded bioresorbable membrane were used as control. Healthy six beagle dogs were used. Each dog was anesthetized and buccal flaps were reflected in the mandibular and maxillary premolar areas. Buccal alveolar bone between the mesiobuccal and distobuccal line angles was surgically removed on the lower 2nd and 4th premolar in mandible, 2nd premolar in maxilla, to a level 4mm apical to the cementoenamel junction with creating a Class II buccal furcation defect for available space. Care was taken not to remove the root cementum layer and rubber impression materials were placed over each surgically created defect. Flaps were repositioned and sutured. Reconstructive surgery was performed 1 month after defect preparation. PDGF-BB loaded membranes and controls were randomly placed on maxillary 2nd premolars and mandibular 2nd and 4th premolars. Plaque control regimen was instituted with daily brushing with a 0.1% chlorhexidine digluconate during experimental periods. The animals were sacrificed 2 and 5 weeks after surgery and undecalcified specimens were prepared for histologic evaluation. The degree of coronal regrowth of new bone, new cementum and the amonut of new bone areas formed on the defected area of the PDGF-BB loaded membrnae turned superior to without membrane and drug unloaded membrane. Experimental membrane could prevent the epithelial downgrowth irrespective of drug loaded or not and showed good biocompatiblity, These results implicated that PDGF-BB loaded bioresorbable membrane could be highly useful tool for guided tissue regeneration of periodontal defects.
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