치과 환자에서의 fm 자가통증조절기를 이용한 Propofol 자가진정조절법 : Propofol Patient-Controlled Sedation Using fm (B. Braun, Germany) Infusion Pump in Dental Patients-Preliminary Study

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박창주; 김현정; 염광원

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대한치과마취과학회지 2002; 2: 97-100.
Infusion pumpsPatient-controlled sedationPropofol
Background: Patient-controlled sedation (PCS) has been blown for a safe and effective sedative method on the same pharmacological concepts of patient-controlled analgesia. Many different kinds of infusion devices have been used but they often have too long nominal infusion rate and lockout time. fm (B. Braun, Germany) is a new PCA device with 999.9 ml/hr nominal infusion rate and minimum 1 min lockout time. In this study, the feasibility of propofol PCS using fm was examined in order to provide a safe satisfactory sedation for dental patients. Methods: Eleven healthy patients presenting for oral surgery were studied. Propofol PCS was performed using fm, which was set to deliver a bolus dose of 5 mg with 999.9 ml/hr nominal infusion rate and 1 min lockout time. Propofol loading dose was randomly assigned to a bolus dose 0, 2, and 3 (initial bolus). Patients were told to press the bolus button as often as they needed to relieve discomfort. Results: Total infused dose of propofol was mean 1.8 mg/kg/hr and D (Delivery)/A (Attempt) ratio was mean 72.8%. All patients was awake and there were no clinically significant intraoperative side effects during the sedation. Almost all patients were very satisfied with this type of PCS. Conclusion: Propofol PCS using fm infusion pump provided good conscious sedation for dental procedures.
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