후박 및 대조추출혼합물이 골조직재생에 미치는 영향

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이용무; 구영; 배기환; 정종평

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대한치주과학회지 1997, 27 : 165-177.
extract mixtureMagnoliaZiziphi fructuscellular activitynew bone formationperiodontal tissue regeneruation
The purpose of this study was to perform on the biological activity of Magnolia and Zizyphi fructus extract mixtures on the wound healing of defected rat calvaria. For the determination of the mixture ratio of two extracts for oral administration, preliminary experiments were performed with the mixture combination of 2000 and of Magnolia extract, and also 20, 30, 200, 300, 2000 and of Zizyphi fructus extract, respectively and divided into 6 groups. The combination of extracts mixture were tested on the enhancing effect of cellular activity. The effect of the extracts mixture on the cellular activity was evaluated using MTT method and measured on the results with optical density by ELISA reader. The ability to tissue regeneration of the extracts mixture was performed by measuring new bone and new connective tissue regeneration on the 5mm defected rat calvaria for 1, 2 and 3 weeks after oral administration of 2 different dosages groups : 10:1(0.1g/kg) and 10:1(0.5g/kg). It was employed the same dosages of unsaponifiable fraction of Zea Mays L as positive controls. Each group of rat was sacrificed and en bloc section for histological examination. The effect on the cellular activity of each mixture ratio showed significantly higher in of Magnolia extract and of Zizyphi fructus extract group to compare with other groups. These preliminary results showed that appropriate mixture ratio of two extracts was 10:1 of Magnolia and Zizyphi fructus extract. Histological examination on the activity of tissue regeneration of each group showed that 2weeks and 3weeks specimens of 0.5g/kg of 10:1 extract mixture of Magnolia and Ziziphi fructus administrated rat calvaria revealed significantly more osteoid and new bone formation of defected calvaria with unification of defected area than the specimens of any other negative and positive controls. Even though the specimen administrated the same dosages of unsaponifiable fraction of Zea Mays L, positive controls, showed the trend that they promote significantly the repair of calvarial defect, their bone reparative activities were less inductive than the same dosages of Magnolia and Ziziphi fructus extract mixture. These results implicated that the mixture of Magnolia and Zizyphi fructus extracts should be highly effective on the wound healing of bony defected site and might have potential possibilities as an useful drug to promote periodontal tissue regeneration.
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