Clinical presentation of a horse-derived biomaterial and its Biocompatibility: A Clinical Case Report

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Koo, Ki-Tae; Park, Jang-Yeol; Park, Jun-Seok; Kim, Tae-Il; Seol, Yang-Jo; Lee, Yong-Moo; Ku, Young; Rhyu, In-Chul; Chung, Chong-Pyoung

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대한치주과학회지 .2009;39:287-291.
biocompatible materialsbone substituteswound healing
Purpose: The objective of this clinical presentation was to present a clinical case series report of socket preservation, sinus augmentation, and bone grafting using a horse-derived biomaterial. Methods: A horse-derived biomaterial was used in 8 patients for different indications including socket preservation following tooth extraction, osseous bone grafting, and sinus augementation procedures. Surgeries were performed by a well trained specialist and clinical radiographs were obtained at designated intervals. Biopsy cores of 2 8 mm prior to implant placement was obtained following a healing interval of 4 - 6 months. A clinical and histologic evaluation was performed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and biocompatibility of the biomaterial. Results: All surgeries in 8 patients were successful with uneventful healing except for one case with membrane exposure that eventually resulted with a positive outcome. Radiographic display of the healing phase during different intervals showed increased radiopacity of granular nature as the healing time increased. No signs of adverse effect or infection was observed clinically and the tissues surrounding the biomaterial seemed well-tolerated with good intentional healing. The augmented sinuses healed uneventfully suggesting in part, good biocompatibility of the biomaterial. Dental implants placed following socket preservation were inserted with high initial torque suggesting good initial stability and bone quality. Conclusions: Our results show that at least on a tentative level, a horse-derived biomaterial may be used clinically in socket preservation, sinus augmentation, bone grafting techniques with good intentional healing and positive results.
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