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Relationship between maximum bite force and facial skeletal pattern : 최대 교합력과 안면 골격 형태에 관한 연구

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Choi, Won-Cheul; Kim, Tae-Woo

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대한치과교정학회지 2003: 33 :437-451.
Maximum bite forteFacial skeletal patternStrain gauge
The purpose of this study was to measure maximum bite force and to investigate its relationship with anteroposterior, vertical, and transverse facial skeletal measurements. From among the dental students at the College of Dentistry, forty subjects (26 male and 14 female) were selected. With two sets of strain gauge, maximum bite force at the right and left first molars and anterior teeth was measured in the morning and afternoon. After taking lateral and posteroanterior cephalograms, fifty and nineteen variables were evaluated, respectively Paired t-tests and an independent t-test were done and correlation coefficients were obtained. 1. The maximum bite force at the first molars was . in males and in females (p<0.05) while the force at the anterior teeth was respectively (p<0.05). 2. Some tendency for a greater value of maximum bite force at the preferred side was observed but not statistically significant (p>0.05). 3. Significant difference was observed between the strong bite force group and the weak bite force group in some cephalometric and other measurements (p<0.05). N-S-Ar, S-Ar-Go, FH-Hl, IMPA and MMO showed a significant difference in posterior maximum bite force (P). N-S-Ar and FH-H1 also showed a significant difference in anterior maximum bite force (A). 4. Several cephalometric variables showed some correlation with maximum bite force (p<0.05). N-S-Ar, S-Ar-Go, UGA, FH-H6, FH-H1, body weight and MMO were significantly correlated with posterior maximum bite force (P). Go-Me, P-1 and IMPA were significantly correlated with anterior maximum bite force (A).
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