한국인 성인의 악안면 연조직의 심미적 안모형태 분석에 관한 연구 : A soft tissue analysis on facial esthetics of Korean young adults

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백승학; 양원식

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대한치과교정학회지 21 : 131-170, 1991.
This study was designed to analyze morphological characteristics of Korean young adults, norms and standard deviation of variables, sexual differences, correlationship between each area of face and correlationship between hard tissue and soft tissue. The primary sample consisted of 45 males and 57 females who were early and middle twenties and had acceptable profile, no history of previous orthodontic treatment, absence of remarkably large overjet and overbite, full complement of permanent teeth, Class I skeletal and dental relationships and good vertical facial proportions. Their cephalograms were analyzed morphologically with a computer morphometrics. Then the final sample - 25 males and 38 females - were selected within 1 S.D. of E-line, ANB, P/A facial height ratio, Interincisal angle, L1 to A-Pog, ODI and APDI. The results of the study were as follows: 1 In the form and proportion of facial skeleton there were no significant differences between males and females, but in the size males were larger than females. 2. The dental protrusion patterns had no significant sexual difference and no significant correlationship between protrusion of upper lip and inclination of upper incisor. But mentolabial angle had positively correlated with interincisal angle and negatively with inclination of upper and lower incisor. 3. In the relationship between nose and soft-tissue profile, males were larger than females in nasal length, height and angular measurements. 4. In analysis of soft-tissue profile, males were larger than females in the length and thickness. In the angular measurements and proportion of soft-tissue profile, there were no significant differences between males and females.
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