The effect of cavity wall property on the shear bond strength test using iris method

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Kim, Dong-Hwan; Bae, Ji-Hyun; Cho, Byeong-Hoon; Lee, In-Bog; Baek, Seung-Ho; Ryu, Hyun-Mi; Son, Ho-Hyun; Um, Chung-Moon; Kwon, Hyuck-Choon

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대한치과보존학회지 29;2, 2004
Shear bond testIris methodFracture modeC-factorBonding agent
Objectives : In the unique metal iris method. the developing interfacial gap at the cavity floor resulting from the cavity wall property during polymerizing composite resin might affect the nominal shear bond strength values. The aim of this study is to evaluate that the iris method reduces the cohesive failure in the substrates and the cavity wall property effects on the shear bond strength tests using iris method. Materials and Methods : The occlusal dentin of 64 extracted human molars were randomly divided into 4 groups to simulate two different levels of cavity wall property (metal and dentin iris) and two different materials ( and 2) for each wall property. After positioning the iris on the dentin surface. composite resin was packed and light-cured. After 24 hours the shear bond strength was measured at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. Fracture analysis was performed using a microscope and SEM. The data was analyzed statistically by a two-way ANOV A and t-test. Results : The shear bond strength with metal iris was significant higher than those with dentin iris (p=0.034). Using , the shear bond strength with metal iris was significant higher than those with dentin iris (p=0.005), but not in 2 (p=0.774). The incidence of cohesive failure was very lower than other shear bond strength tests that did not use iris method. Conclusions:The iris method may significantly reduce the cohesive failures in the substrates. According to the bonding agent systems. the shear bond strength was affected by the cavity wall property.
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