Polyethyleneimine-응축 BMP-2 발현 유전자를 이용한 골형성 효과

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정희선; 김경화; 박윤정; 김태일; 이용무; 구영; 류인철; 이동수; 이승진; 정종평; 한수부; 설양조

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대한치주과학회지 2007;37:859-869.
Gene therapyBMPPEIVectorDNABone formation
Naked DNA and standard vectors have been previously used for gene delivery. Among these, PEI can efficiently condense DNA and has high intrinsic endosomal activities. The aim of this study is to investigate whether the cationic polycation PEI could increase the transfection efficiency of BMP expressing DNA using a vector-loaded collagen sponge model. BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 plasmid was constructed by subcloning human BMP-2 cDNA into the pcDNA3.1 plasmid vector. PEI/DNA complexes were prepared by mixing PEI and BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 and the constructed complexes were loaded into the collagen sponges. In vitro studies, BMSCs were transfected with the PEI/BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 complexes from collgen sponge. The level of secreted BMP-2 and alkaline phosphatase activities of transfected BMSCs were significantly higher in PEI/BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 group than in BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 group (p<0.05). Transfected BMSCs were cultured and mineralization was observed only in cells treated with PEI/BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 complexes. In vivo studies, PEI/BMP-2/pcDNA3.1/collagen, BMP-2/pcDNA3.1/collagen and blank collagen were grafted in skeletal muscle of nude mice. Ectopic bone formation was shown in PEI/BMP-2/pcDNA3.1/collagen grafted mouse 4 weeks postimplantation, while not in BMP-2/pcDNA3.1 grafted tissue. This study suggests that PEI-condensed DNA encoding for BMP-2 is capable of inducing bone formation in ectopic site and might increase the transfection rate of BMP-2/pcDNA3.1. As a non-viral vector, PEI offers the potential in gene therapy for bone engineering.
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