QLF를 이용한 항우식 제품의 인공우식 재광화 효과에 대한 연구

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송주현; 김영재; 김정욱; 장기택; 김종철; 한세현; 이상훈

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대한소아치과학회지, 35:287-296, 2008.
Fluoride mouthrinseCasein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate(CPP-ACP)remineralizationpH cycling systemQuantitative light-induced fluorescence(QLF)
The purpose of this in vitro study was to compare the remineralization effect of commercially available anticariogenic products, exactly low level fluoride mouthrinse(500 ppm NaF), tooth cream with Casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate(CPP-ACP) and fluoride mouthrinse plus tooth cream on artificial caries lesion. Artificial caries lesion was induced at the buccal surface of permanent third molar and the specimens were then divided(16 specimens/group) into four group. Twice a day during 28 days specimens of each group were treated with a commercially anticariogenic product as follows and applied to the pH cycling system. Group 1: control group (No treatment) Group 2: Tooth (GC Co. Japan) Group 3: (Samil Co. Korea) Group 4: +Tooth Mousse The long-term change of mineral loss() was evaluated by quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) and the following results were obtained: 1. of Group 1 was not noticed statistically significant during 28 days comparing that prior to treatment. There was a statistically significant increase in of Group 2 and 3 since 14 days. So was in of Group 4 since 7 days. 2. was increased as follows: Group 1< Group 2, 3< Group 4. 3. Comparing with Group 1, Group 2 was a statistically significant increase since 7 days and Group 3 and 4 were since 3 days. Comparing Group 2 with 3, there was not noticed statistically significant during whole duration. Group 4 was significantly higher than Group 2 and 3 after 28 days. 4. All groups demonstrated a decrease in the rate of remineralization as time goes on.
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