한국의 가로수 현황과 관리체계에 관한 연구 : The Current Status and Management Problems of Street Trees in the Republic of Korea

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김대관; 윤여창

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한국산림경제학회 = Korean Forest Economics Society(KFES)
산림경제연구 4(2): 37-50
urban street treesmanagement systemDBMS
This study aims to assess the current status of street trees in the Republic of Korea and to identify the main problems in managing them. The managers of street trees and professionals in urban horticulture and forestry fields were asked to fill out questionaries addressing the management of street trees.
As of the end of year 1991 were there 2 millions of street trees planted in South Korea, with 46% of them in the cities and the rest along the rural roads. There were 70 tree species planted along the streets including 27 native species. The species composition biased towards exotic species was identified as one of the major problems in the regional environmental policy. This is probably due to the moriotonic pattern of public administration lacking of independent authorities in provincial or municipal governments. Therefore, now with the newly introduced regional government system, the street trees should be managed in a varied manner according to the regional environment. To improve the efficiency in monitoring the management of street trees, a computer based information system of street trees management is strongly recommended.
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