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네트워크를 이용한 제품 정보 공유 시스템 : Network-Enabled Product Information Sharing Systems

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서울대학교 경영정보연구소
Journal of information and operations management, Vol.07, pp. 1-27
A project aiming at developing a network-enabled product information sharing system is currently being carried out. The system involves several components, including a STEP 3D-visualization system, a design support system using CBR, a Web-based BOM management system, an automatic document creating system, and a KQML-based workflow management system. The Internet, and its associated World Wide Web (WWW) and intranets, provide great potential for improved communication and cooperation among geographically dispersed work-groups. While there is substantial evidence of a major rise in the use of the Internet, there is, as yet little work done on how these technologies can be used, within a corporate setting, to support collaborative product design. The goal of the project is in general to aid sharing product data, particularly CAD data, on the Internet Each of the component systems has already been developed or is an on-going project. This paper deals with an overall architecture of the whole system and provides a general review of the component systems.
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