WDM VWP 네트워크 설계 모형 및 알고리즘 연구 : A study on Modeling and Algorithm for WDM VWP Network Design

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이희상; 홍성필; 송해구

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대한산업공학회 = Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers
Journal Of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, 26(4), 296-305
Virtual wavelength path (VWP) is the optical path when a wavelength conversion is possible in a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) network that is transmission infrastructure for the next generation high speed backbone networks. To achieve efficient design for VWP networks, we must consider VWP routing, wavelength assignment, and wavelength conversion while satisfying many technical constraints of the WDM networks. In this study we propose an integrated model for efficient VWP design in WDM networks. We also develope a 3-phase algorithm, each of which deals with routing, wavelength assignment and route and wavelength reassignment, respectively. In our computational experiments, phase 1 algorithm can solve the problem to the optimality for medium size test networks. Phase 2 algorithm is an efficient heuristic based on a reduced layered network and can give us an effective wavelength assignment, Finally, phase 3 algorithm reconfigure W P routing and its wavelength assignment to concentrate wavelength conversion nodes in the suggested VWP network.
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