In Antimyosin Monoclonal Antibody in the Detection of Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity: a Comparison with Histology and 99mTc Pyrophosphate

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Lee, Myung Chul; Chung, June-Key; Lee, Dong Soo; Koh, Chang-Soon

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med, Vol.34 No.2, pp. 107-115
111In-antimyosin monoclonal antibodyAdriamycin cardiac toxicity99mTc pyrophosphate
Recently, lllIn-antimyosin monoclonal antibidies (IllIn-AMAb) have
been introduced for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The purpose of this
study was to investigate the feasibility of using this agent for the early detection
of cardiac damage induced by doxorubicin. The degree of drug induced change in
the myocardium was evaluated histologically. 99mTc pyrophosphate (99mTc-PYP),
known to preferentially accumulate in Adriamycin caused lesions, was used as a
control radiopharmaceutical. Myocardial uptake of 111In-AMAb and 99mTc-PYP
was measured in 12 controls and 10 Adriamycin treated rabbits. The results
indicated the following: 1) 111In-AMAb uptake in the heart correlated well with
the degree of pathology (r=O.95); 2) 99mTc-PYP uptake was also correlated with
cardiac damage (r=O.77); 3) The uptake ratio (expressed as percent injected dose
per gram myocardial tissue) of Adriamycin treated animals vs. controls was 2.7: 1
for 111In-AMAb and 9.2 for 99mTc-PYP nt 24 and 2 hours after intravenous
injection, respectively; 4) considerable non-specific 99mTc_PYP accumulation was
measured in the lungs and kidneys and was significantly higher in drug treated
animals compared to controls. 111In-AMAb accumulation remained unchanged in
these organs. We conclude that 111In-AMAb accurately detects cardiac toxicity
induced by Adriamycin but that 99mTc_PYP still remains an acceptable agent in
part because, of its availability and higher tracer concentration in the cardiac
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