중국과 베트남에서의 국제 NGO 활동이 북한 개발지원에 주는 함의 : The Implications of International NGO Activities in China and Vietnam for the Support for North Koreas Development

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Institute for peace and unification studies(서울대학교 통일평화연구소)
Journal of peace and unification studies, Vol.1, pp. 171-206
support for developmentinternational NGOChinaVietnamNorth Korea
This study set out to analyze the cases of international NGOs aid activities
in China and Vietnam, identify their implications for the support for North
Koreas development, and predict the future roles of international NGOs.
The international NGOs activities to support development in Vietnam and
China were assessed in terms of limitations and achievements. The limitations
include the restricted scope of activities, dropping efficiency of activities,
and loose networks, which make it hard for NGOs to obtain necessary
information, provide support for technology exchange, and raise finance.
Despite those limitations, however, they have attained various results
including helping their civil societies to grow in cooperation with the local
social groups, increasing the possibility of inside agents voluntary participation
and capabilities, promoting the possibility of sustainable development through
official, unofficial, and semiofficial partnership, and spreading soundness
toward human-oriented development. Those results led to some implications
for the support for North Koreas development and some prospects for
future activities of international NGOs to support North Koreas development.
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