새터민 중고령자의 남한에서의 치료추구행위 경험에 대한 연구 : A Study on Treatment-Seeking Behavior of Middle-aged and Old-age Saetomins in South Korea

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Institute for peace and unification studies(서울대학교 통일평화연구소)
Journal of peace and unification studies, Vol.1, pp. 285-316
Saetomintreatment- seekingbehavior
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore treatment-seeking
behavior of middle-aged and old-age Saetomins in South Korea. Method:
The participants for this study were 11 Saetomins aged over 40 years and
living in Seoul. They experienced at least one chronic disease while staying
in South Korea. An in-depth interview of the 11 subjects on their experiences
was conducted at their residence places. Content analysis was conducted on
the qualitative data. Results: Two broad themes were identified from our
content analysis; ⑴ new experience related to treatment, and ⑵ types of
treatment-seeking behavior. Under the heading of major theme 1, four
sub-themes were identified; ⒜ physical abnormalities that were discovered
after arriving in South Korea, ⒝ an unfamiliar treatment environment, ⒞
the cost and the benefit of the medical treatment, ⒟ an increased concern
about ones improving health. Under the heading of major theme 2, three
sub-themes were identified; ⒜ being compliant with medical care, ⒝
managing symptoms with self-treatment, ⒞ seeking complementary and
alternative treatment. Conclusion: Based on the results, we draw the
conclusion that the Saetomins pursued various treatment-seeking behaviors. Therefore, the health care providers should provide systematic and specific
health care services for Saetomins.
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