Paper Recycling of South Korea and its Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Forest Conservation

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Cha, Junhee; Youn, Yeo-Chang

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Journal of Korean Forest Society 97(5): 530-539
dimate changeforest conservationgreenhouse gasLCApaper recycling
The study evaluates the pnhouse gas (GHG) reduction potential of paper recycling by paper
industry in South Korea and determines the positive impact on global warming by conserving the world's
forests through decreasing pulp wood use. South Korea is one of the leading countries in the world that
recycle papers wirh a collection rate of 71.8 percent and a recycling rate of 74.4 percent in 2005.
Greenhouse gas emission reduction potential in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent from paper
recycling was assessed scientifically by the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Three types of papers
including newsprint, container-board, and white-board were used for assessment in this study. Results of
this study indicate that Co2 emission reduction potential of recycling paper varies according to its types and
recycling rates. Greenhouse gas emission reduction factor of 0.74869 CO2, per ton of recycled paper was
derived from this study. In applying this factor, it was found out that the South Korean paper indushy
reduced GHG emission of around 6,364,550 tCO2, by recycling paper in 2005. With this, the country's paper
industry could claim that by recycling in that pasticuIar year, approximately 23.8 million m3 of woofs were
not harvested and thus 212,500 ha of world's forests were estimated to be saved in that particular year.
Overall, it could be concluded that the Korean paper industty was able to reduce CO, emission and was
able to conserve world's forests by its high rates of paper recycling.
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