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고온환경하의 작업내력에 관한 연구 : Study on the Maximum Tolerance of the Working Time under the High Temperature Conditioning Environment.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.6 No.2, pp. 1-10
It has long been known that the heat stagnation would
be liable to occur on the heavy physical work and exercise
under the high temperature environment. However
the practical determination of the maximum tolerance
of working time on the condition of various degrees of
the relative metabolic rate and temperatures would be
pursued on the point of the industrial medicine and
military hygiene. In this demand auther canied out this
experiment for the 16 healthy young Korean to know
the maximum tolerance of working time under the high
temperatures, as 27° C, 33° C. 35° C. 37° C and 40°
C (maintaining 4.0 of R.M.R.) Objectives were exposed
to above temperatures for 1 hr, 2 hrs and 3 hrs
and observed the various physiological changes such
as the pulse rate, the oxygen consumption rate. the R.
M.R., the rectal temperature. the plama sodium concentration
and the water content which would affliate
closely with the potentiality working.
The results obtained were as following.
1. The maximum tolerance of working time showed
shortening proportional to the rise of the environmental
temperature. This trend showed markedly above 35°C.
2. Average time of maximum tolerance of Korean
showed more or less longer than that of the Japanese.
3. The close relatinghip between the physiological
changes and the tolerance of working under high temperature environmenta was recognizable particularly the
pulse rate, the oxygen consumption and the rectal temperature
were prominent.
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