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농촌의료에 관한 연구 : Socio-medical Studies on Medical Care in Rural Population.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.6 No.2, pp. 29-54
For appraising the current status on medical care of
rural population, the studies were conducted during 1
year period from September, 1963, through August,
1964, among around 3,000 farm-households, sampled by
area sampling method. In this survey, three times of
interviewing at each month were carried out at farmhouseholds
sampled respectively by interviewers, consisted
of public health nurses of each administrative units.
As a result, following conclusions were obtained:
1. Living status; Average farm-size per household
sampled stood at 2,979±830 Pyong: 43.4% of pop·
ulation were primary school educated; 89.4% did not
read any newspapers.
2. Medical expenditure by disease classification; Total
medical expenses for the diseases of digestive
system were the largest amount and for congenital
malformation were the smallest during the year
surveyed, while the expenses per case for neoplasms
were the largest amount with 1,470±768 Won and
for senility and ill-defined conditions were the smallest
with 333±21 Won.
3. Medical expenditure by months; The expenses per
case during August were the largest amount with
237±108 Won and those during November were the
smallest with 59±34 Won, showing more during
winter and summer and less during spring and fall.
4. Medical expenditure by type of medical care; The expenses per case for hospitalization were the largest
amount with 3,731±1,964 Won and those for
health centers were the smallest with 7±3 Won.
5. Medical expenditure during the year; Compared with
the expenses among urban population, it was found
less with 315.9 Won per capita.
6. Medical expenditure by age group; The expenses
per case in 30-34 year group were found the largest
amount and smaller among population of age groups
as lower than age of 10 and higher than age of 70.
7. Medical expenditure by farming size; The Medical
expenses for 4,501-6,000 Pyong-farming-households
were found the largest amount with 223±171 Won
and those of no farming were the smallest with 136
±84 Won, showing steady increase in proportion to
the farming size.
8. Medical expenditure by educational status; The expenses
for the college educated were found the largest
amount with 306±196 Won and the smallest for
the pre-schooling with 98±57 Won, showing gradual
incerase in proportion to education level except for
the primary school educated.
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