Autoimmune Pathogenesis in Thyroid Diseases : 갑상선 질환의 자가면역 병인론

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Lee, Munho

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med, Vol.29 No.1, pp. 1-23
AutoimmunityPathogenesisGraves' diseasePrimary myxedemaHashimoto's thyroiditis
Many evidences have been presented that autoimmunity plays a major part in
the pathogenesis of thyroid diseases. Autoimmunity in thyroid diseases shows up as clinical
and laboratory findings of disordered humoral and cellular immunity and immunogenetic
background of the patients. So, to make clear the significance of humoral immunity in the
autoimmune pathogenesis of thyroid diseases, most of the autoantibodies found in autoimmune
thyroid diseases are discussed about their characteristics and implications. Especially in
Graves' disease patients, TSH receptor antibodies are now considered to playa causative role
in the genesis of disease. Our data about every aspect of these antibodies are presented. In
the patients with primary myxedema TSH receptor antibodies are suspected to behave themselves
as a blocker of TSH action. Then the author presents our findings about blocking TSH
receptor antibodies. Cellular immunity influences the immune tolerance to self antigens in the
patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases. The author reviews the roles of cellular immunity
in the autoimmune thyroid diseases in the aspects of the disordered functions of the cellular
immunity and its further regulatory roles in the humoral immunity, presenting our data about
the functional aberrations of the regulatory immunocytes and thyrocytes. Genetic and immunogenetic
background of the patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases are then reviewed
with the data on HLA and disease association in Koreans, analyzing their significance in the
pathogenesis of autoimmune thyroid diseases. The author suggests the possible mechanisms in
the autoimmune pathogenesis in thyroid diseases with the present findings.
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